CAN Coalition

About the Coalition

Through partnerships with local organizations, schools, and youth development programs, CAN Coalition brings many sectors of the community together to serve as a resource to one another. Working together, members of CAN Coalition provide nurturing and safe spaces, foster personal development, and educate and reduce substance misuse among LGBTQ youth.

LGBTQ youth often report isolation, harassment at school, and a lack of safe spaces. They are more likely than their non-LGBTQ peers to misuse alcohol and substances.

of LGBT high school students in Los Angeles report consuming alcohol within the past month
of LGBT high school students in Los Angeles believe drinking poses no or low risks
LGBT students are 2.5 times more likely than their non-LGBT peers to miss school because of alcohol and drug use

Working with LGBTQ youth early in their development helps them engage in a community where they can fully embrace their identities and find their voices.

Strategies to address these issues head-on include:

  • Media campaigns
  • Leadership development in middle and high schools
  • School-based trainings
  • Sponsoring substance-free youth events and programs

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