Community Action Network (CAN)

About the Program

CAN works with GSA and LGBTQ clubs on school campuses supporting middle and high school students, helping students and advisors strengthen their school clubs by providing tools on sustainability and recruitment, meeting formats and agendas, and club connectivity, among other things. 

Students are supported by peer leaders, made up of youth ages 18 to 24. These leaders are trained in facilitation skills to build community and create social change, thereby supporting students on their campuses.

Created in 2013, CAN groups have worked in more than 75 schools, spreading awareness and conducting LGBTQ competency trainings and leadership workshops for LGBTQ and ally youth.

Training topics include:

  • LGBTQ competency and awareness
  • Safe spaces and inclusivity
  • Strength-based storytelling
  • Substance prevention and staying above the influence
  • Additional topics also offered

For more information about the program and trainings, please fill out the training request form.

OUT For Safe Schools®

Community Action Network and CAN Coalition